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Custom Design Furniture

wonderfully unique, a one of a kind piece, that reflects your space perfectly

Custom furniture means that instead of being made according to a preset design, it is bespoke and designed specifically according to the clients’ needs and desires. It means high quality, a choice of fabrics and finishes.

Custom Sizing

Custom furniture has the massive advantage of being able to be designed exactly according to your measurements. Which means you can maximize the ergonomics and functionality of your pieces.

Unique fabrics and finishes

You can request a material swatches, to ensure you get the perfect materials for your project. You can then experiment with different fabric to see what fits your space best.

Having your furniture custom made ensures a strong frame and high-quality materials. The manufacturing process isn’t rushed, and each part is individually checked to ensure the best fit. Working with us, means that you can be sure you get the best option to fit your room and your lifestyle.

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